Bath Art News

    28 February 2012
    Ceramics Workshops in Bath




    There are various options which include:-
    One to one sessions – I will teach you hand-building, coiling, collaging, decorating
    and glazing with earthenware and stoneware clay. You can also use porcelain paper
    clay which uses very different techniques to the more traditional ones used for normal
    clay. You will get 100 per cent of my attention and expertise to help you develop your
    ideas in clay. Open to all abilities. Two hour workshops available to suit you at
    £25.00 per hour
    Group sessions (maximum three people) – Again I will teach hand-building, coiling,
    decorating and glazing as above. Two/three hour workshops available to suit you at
    £15.00 per hour per person.
    Portfolio sessions – This class is aimed at students studying for their O and A levels.
    Sketch books should be brought to this class and I will help you develop ideas from
    your 2D images into a 3D object to enhance and enrich your portfolio when applying
    to University.
    Workshops in your own home or for your society/group – jewellery/collaging with
    clay/wall plaques can be made and glazed and then once fired in my kiln I will return
    them to you. Maximum 12 people. Cost for the day £150.00 plus small material cost.
    Raku workshops – This is the traditional Japanese method of making and firing,
    where a piece is made, glazed and fired on the day and then fired in an outside kiln.
    When the kiln gets to a certain temperature the work is removed whilst red hot,
    plunged into a metal bin with sawdust and this catches fire. The lid is then put on
    the bin to create a reduction atmosphere which creates fascinating results with the
    glaze. When the work has cooled it is removed and scrubbed clean and then you
    can take your unique pieces home with you. Various dates to be arranged. Please
    enquire. £150.00 per person to include all materials.
    Clay Club – (for children) 2 hour sessions on a Saturday or Sunday 10.00 to 12.00 or
    2.00 to 4.00 Cost: £15.00 per child
    I have worked with various groups and organisations over the years, from the ages of
    3 to 93 so please do ring for a chat about what you would like to do. 
    Tel: 07984645380